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Tel: 0121 585 5725

Email: info@jpm-insurance.co.uk


At Johnston Park McAndrew our focus is always on customer satisfaction and customer success. The success of our business is reliant on our ability to attract and retain the highest calibre of people.

Our mission is to provide specialist advice to commercial insurance customers at a competitive price, whilst mainting the highest level of quality and client service at all times.

We believe that it’s important to love what you do and to work in a fun, energising, collaborative environment where you can truely make a difference.  

To achieve this, every day we seek to work to the four "FISH!" principles.  These are a set of simple practices that help us to create a positive work culture:

  • Be There: When people need you, they need all of you. Setting aside distractions and judgments to be fully present is a sign of respect. It improves communication and strengthens relationships.
  • Play: You can be serious about your work without taking yourself so seriously. Play is a mind-set more than a specific activity. It allows you to throw yourself with enthusiasm and creativity into whatever you are doing.
  • Make Their Day: Simple gestures of thoughtfulness, thanks and recognition make people feel appreciated and valued. When you make someone else feel good, you feel good too.
  • Choose Your Attitude: Choose how you respond, don’t just react. Moment-to-moment awareness is key. Ask yourself throughout the day, "What is my attitude right now? Is it helping the people who depend on me? Is it helping me to be most effective?"

“FISH!” has become a core part of who we are and we believe this working ethos is a key factor for our on-going success.

We are always looking for talented Sales Executives and Account Handlers who share our values and have the same passion for delivering a first class service to our customers. 

If you feel that you have the skills and experience necessary to make a successful contribution to our team, then we’d love to hear from you. In the first instance please send your CV to info@jpm-insurance.co.uk