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Top Tips to Reduce Allergies this Spring and Summer

17 Apr 2018

With allergy season fast approaching, it's only natural to dread the general uncomfortable nature of Spring and Summer. With Johnston Park McAndrew, there's no need to hide from the pollen anymore. Your advice led broker is here with seasonal tips to help combat allergic reactions. Read More

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What Constitutes Legitimate Interest under the GDPR?

10 Apr 2018

Article 30 of the GDPR outlines how an organisation must store and catalogue its data inventory. Despite being a key compliance responsibility, 25% of organisations still have yet to decide how to approach the task. Read More

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Don’t Miss These 2018 Employment Law Dates

4 Apr 2018

Already a few of these have crept up on us! The next couple of months are very important in terms of employment law. Read More

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Did you know being disorganised can cost you 2% of your annual turnover?

3 Apr 2018

March marked the real beginning where the pressure is on to become GDPR compliant and it seems we have hit April at break-neck speed. If feeling the heat over data protection law wasn't enough, it is fast becoming apparent that being disorganised can cost your company thousands. Read More

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10 Essential Policies for Your Charity

27 Mar 2018

Charities and trusts throughout the United Kingdom face many risks that can result in loss, damage or liability for trustees—and for the charity as a whole. Risks include a loss of charity assets or resources, damage to a charity’s property and third party liability for professional indemnity or public liability. Part of mitigating these risks is having an appropriate insurance policy. The following is a brief overview of different covers that charities should consider. Read More

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