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Update – HGV Speed Limit Rise

28 Apr 2015

Effective as of April 6th 2015, speed limits on HGVs driving in England and Wales have been increased on single and double carriage ways. Read More

Regulation Updates

Johnston Park McAndrew tackles the FIREWALK Challenge!

21 Apr 2015

On the 23rd April 2015 Johnston Park McAndrew tackle the Firewalk Challenge in order to raise money for The Mary Stevens Hospice, a charity we hold very close to our hearts. Read More

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Worried you have an Uninsurable Building?

17 Apr 2015

We are committed to provide the best commercial property insurance and our latest placement may put any of your property insurance doubts to bed. Read More

Commercial InsuranceInsurance Market

Are you stressed or under a lot of pain at work?

14 Apr 2015

No, we’re not turning into your local GP, but in all seriousness are you taking medication for stress, or anxiety? Would you know if one of your employees, who either drives to work or drives as part of their work, is taking medication? Read More

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