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Tianjin Explosion - insurance losses could exceed £1billion

25 Aug 2015

Wednesday 12th August 2015 saw a series of explosions that occurred in Tianjin Port, located in the north east of China. The port is the 10th busiest container port globally and is seen to be the main northern gateway for automobiles, ore, coal and oil in and out of China. Read More

Risk Awareness

5 Tips for Electronic Payment Security

18 Aug 2015

The days of paying with cheques are slowly fading and cash payments are not too far behind. Around the world, millions of people are no longer handing over notes and coins and opting to use technology instead. Read More

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Domain Name Server exploit that may have taken down the Internet

11 Aug 2015

BIND, one of the most popular Domain Name Server's (DNS), which is widely used throughout the internet, has had a new patch implemented which fixes a flaw that allowed hackers to crash a DNS, taking down a website instantly. Read More

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Are you adequately insured?

4 Aug 2015

Are you confident that the answer to that question is Yes … or are you not sure? Read More

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