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Construction Firms, are you ready for the in force Level 2 BIM Mandate?

31 May 2016

Out of 1,000 construction firms surveyed, 41% were unsure how to comply with the new Level 2 BIM Mandate, and only 10% believe the construction industry as a whole is ready, according to a 2015-16 survey from the Royal Institute of British Architects’ (RIBA). Read More

Regulation Updates

Higher Fines may not be covered by your Fleet Insurance

24 May 2016

We urge businesses to ensure their fleet insurance is robust enough in light of tough new sentencing guidelines. The new guidelines usher in substantially higher fines for corporate manslaughter and health and safety offences. Read More

Risk Awareness

Are you secure enough to take card payments?

17 May 2016

In today’s modern age, the norm of paying by cash has retreated into the past. For most paying by card or by smart phone has easily become the favourite on the high street. However, the convenience may not only expose consumer to potential risks, but your business as well. Read More

Risk Awareness

UK Businesses backed by new Enterprise Act

12 May 2016

The new Enterprise Act is set to benefit over 5.4million UK businesses, directly, by reducing regulation and providing more support for businesses and apprenticeships. The new Act aims to make Britain the best place in Europe to create and build a business. Read More

Regulation Updates

Are we truly safe? - The Internet of Things (IoT)

3 May 2016

The modern world has now evolved to an everlasting web of interconnected devices. In fact there are more digitally connected devices than there are people on the planet, right now. Read More

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