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Insurance Premium Tax Changes: October 2016

27 Sep 2016

On 16th March 2016, the government announced within their summer budget, Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) will be subject to another rise. Yet, it will only increase by 0.5% and the revenue generated will be put towards funding national flood defences and resilience. Read More

Regulation Updates

5 Reasons why you need to secure your smartphone right now

13 Sep 2016

What access does your smartphone have? Are your social media accounts already logged in, ready for you to scroll through your newsfeeds? Do your emails go straight through to your phone ready for you to organise your junk mail into your recycling bin? Does it have access to one-button payment services, allowing you to quickly pay for your basket without having to type your card details in and search what an issue number is? Read More

Cyber liability insurance

Can I Vape at Work? E-cigarettes in the workplace

6 Sep 2016

As a result of the smoking ban in public places, vaping or use of e-cigarettes have took Britain by storm. However, the legalities of such has struck many people, throughout the UK, as a bit of a grey area. Read More

Risk Awareness