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Guide to Mandatory Gender Pay Gap Reporting

28 Feb 2017

Employers are expected to begin their first data snapshot on 5th April 2017, and submit their first gender pay gap reports. Does your business fully understand what is needed and the consequences of not submitting a report? Read More

Regulation Updates

Understanding Collateral Warranties

21 Feb 2017

Collateral warranties are used due to the extending responsibilities beyond contractual obligations towards third parties involved within a certain project. However, how can your business be certain that your collateral warranty will fully cover the needs and responsibilities of your project? Read More

Commercial InsuranceRisk Awareness

The Dangers of Prolonged Standing at work

14 Feb 2017

Prolonged standing is a common requirement for certain employees, including salespeople, machine operators and assembly-line workers. While standing is a natural human activity, it can lead to serious health issues if performed in excess. Read More

Commercial InsuranceRisk Awareness

Cyber Criminals can exploit any organization’s weaknesses, no matter the size!

7 Feb 2017

On average, each UK business was subject to 230,000 cyber attacks in 2016, according to research provided by internet service provider, Beaming. Very few of these attacks were successful, but the sheer volume is noteworthy. Read More

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