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10 Essential Policies for Your Charity

27 Mar 2018

Charities and trusts throughout the United Kingdom face many risks that can result in loss, damage or liability for trustees—and for the charity as a whole. Risks include a loss of charity assets or resources, damage to a charity’s property and third party liability for professional indemnity or public liability. Part of mitigating these risks is having an appropriate insurance policy. The following is a brief overview of different covers that charities should consider. Read More

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Why does FISH Philosophy Work?

22 Mar 2018

Over the last few weeks, we have been posting about an attitude that we adhere to in our business. Known as the FISH Philosophy, this is an individual process that collectively, will give a great deal of power to the growth and success of the business. Read More

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Guidance on your GDPR Compliance Timeline

20 Mar 2018

As the GDPR deadline on the 25 May 2018 looms on the not too distant horizon, there is greater obligation on businesses and other entities that process personal data to comply. Read More

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One Year On…

20 Mar 2018

An economic downturn often causes worry among business owners and their employees in virtually every industry. With a nation of uneasy business owners after the Brexit vote, it is important to know exactly how to handle your insurance matters in a time of unease. A year ago on the 20th March 2017, Britain gave notice of withdrawal from the European Union, marking the half way point and meaning we have but one year left before we leave. Read More

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Top Tips for Digital Security at Work

13 Mar 2018

Computers are vital to the work day of most, if not all companies. As we work at a computers every day, your personal information, along with company information, is always at risk. We suggest you take the following precautions to protect your computer at work. Read More

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