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Protecting the Heart of your Business - Data Centres

1 Jan 2019

Data centres are the heart of most businesses—they are the central channel for any data moving in or out. Any organisation that creates or uses digital data has a need for a data centre. Despite the widespread need for data centres, there are several common data centre hazards that repeatedly ruin businesses. By protecting your business against these common hazards, you can help ensure your business’ future success. Read More

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Use This Survey to Benchmark Your Annual Cyber-performance Against Your Peers

25 Sep 2018

Wondering whether your cyber-security efforts fall short compared to your peers? Rely on the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport’s 2018 Cyber Security Breaches Survey, which exposes the most common cyber-breaches of the previous year and summarises approaches to cyber-security across different industries. Read More

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Controlling Your Social Media Data

14 Aug 2018

Did You Know? Fallout from the Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal and expanded user rights from the GDPR now empower you to force social media giants to delete your old, embarrassing posts. In March 2018, Facebook confirmed that a third-party app had unlawfully harvested data relating to nearly 87 million people across the globe, including 1 million UK citizens, which was then shared with an organisation called Cambridge Analytica. In the midst of recurring data breaches and expanded control over your data under the GDPR, rely on these tips to increase your social media data privacy. Read More

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Is Your Router Collecting Your Personal Information

17 Jul 2018

Recently, researchers at Talos—a cyberintelligence unit of Cisco—warned consumers of malware (malicious software) that specifically targets networking devices. The malware, which is known as VPNFilter, impacts an estimated 500,000 routers worldwide. Read More

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Your Old Computer Could Spell Disaster For Your Business

3 Jul 2018

New, revolutionary technology is released constantly. Every day, new gadgets are touted as the must have tool to ensure future business success. Some businesses, in their scramble to cash in on the technological gold rush, ditch their old devices without a second thought. Neglecting to safely dispose of your devices can spell disaster for your business. Read More

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