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How to Attract Industry Talent During the Brexit ‘Skills Shortage’

4 Dec 2018

Nearly 10 per cent of employees in the UK automotive sector originate from the EU, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. This creates potential for a significant skills gap in the motor trade industry as Brexit nears and—quite literally—drives EU workers away. Read More

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Upcoming Surprise HSE Construction Site Inspections to Focus on ‘Slow Killers’

18 Oct 2018

Beginning 1st October 2018, the HSE started conducting its latest inspection initiative, focused on the construction sector. Read More

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Challenges Facing the UK Property Market Today

16 Oct 2018

Purchasing property can be a shrewd—but not foolproof—investment. The property market is influenced by supply and demand, availability of credit, and the health of the UK economy—all of which are constantly fluctuating. Read More

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The Impact Of Return To Work Programmes On Your Bottom Line

4 Sep 2018

Return to work programmes help you get injured employees back to their normal or modified job duties as quickly and safely as possible. Read More

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One Year On…

20 Mar 2018

An economic downturn often causes worry among business owners and their employees in virtually every industry. With a nation of uneasy business owners after the Brexit vote, it is important to know exactly how to handle your insurance matters in a time of unease. A year ago on the 20th March 2017, Britain gave notice of withdrawal from the European Union, marking the half way point and meaning we have but one year left before we leave. Read More

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